You aspire to lead big, meaningful change in your organization or the world.

But you don’t have the tools you need and you aren’t sure where to start.

We get it. We’ve been there.

But in the past seven years, we’ve figured it out for ourselves, for a hundred other organizations around the world, and for thousands of students. Now we want to help you.

We are Foossa, based in New York City, and GreenHouse, based in Chicago. We have come together to develop the first, best, most effective place to start social innovation.



The workshop introduces participants to the Innovation Dynamics™ methodology, and the theory of social innovation upon which it is built, through case studies, group activities, and directed, open discussion.

Participants learn the key concepts of Innovation Dynamics™ while working on a real--and relevant--challenge within their organization.

The experience is designed for participants to generate insights and ideas, which may inform new strategies for effecting change; and to develop an understanding of the dynamics, which can be used as a common, unfiying language for groups working to innovate rapidly together, within a single organization, or in concert with others.

We offer:

  • A planning session to identify the central challenge for the workshop;

  • A half-day, one-day, or two-day workshop for up to 25 participants;

  • Five, one-hour coaching sessions following the workshop; 

  • Innovation Dynamics™ materials and key concepts of designing change

With a workshop and subsequent coaching sessions, participants will develop a clearer picture of the change they aspire to make.

And see a new path forward.

This was developed for:

  • Businesses that want to find new ways to tackle challenges within their organization, and in an increasingly pro-social marketplace; 
  • Non-profits that want to improve outcomes and scale impact;
  • Universities, colleges and schools that want to provide students with the tools and skills for designing meaningful change



You and your team will:


    Identify key actors in the change you’re seeking to make and who influences them

    Reveal essential, hidden actors who can accelerate or slow change

    Understand actors’ motivations and needs

    Make sense of the existing narratives that will impact change

    Sort through the various formal and informal rules that will impact change

    Investigate expectations about the future that will impact change

    Make sense of related challenges that will impact change

    Identify social norms at the center of change you’re seeking to make

    Identify deviances you can leverage or engineer to facilitate change

    Verify that you’re seeking to make the right change

    Prepare to prototype and test concepts

    Stop group-think and settling for the status quo

    Coalesce around a shared vocabulary and experience of change



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    Foossa is a creative consultancy based in New York City, specializing in civic and community design. We facilitate work on complex social challenges on five continents and teach in some of the world’s most prestigious design programs.

    GreenHouse is a strategic consultancy based in Chicago, specializing in development of new, disruptive models for change. We lead teams working on complex social challenges on three continents and authored the curriculum for the world’s first doctorate in social innovation.




    Foossa and GreenHouse have worked with many of the world’s most important organizations to lead change and teach innovation.